March 20 Joshua 7, 8; Psalm 69; 1 Corinthians 5

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Destroy What Is Devoted to Destruction | Kelley DeAses

S~ I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction.  Joshua 7:12b (NIV)

O~ God is telling Joshua He will remove His Presence and not turn over their enemies unless and until Joshua roots out the source of the stolen articles which were supposed to have been devoted to the Lord.

A~ In a married couples’ Bible study my husband and I have belonged to for several years, we are embarking on a new book study through Love & Respect, by Emerson Eggerichs.  Just from the Introduction, we have learned the book is based on the Biblical principle that men require respect from their wives and women require love from their husbands. (Ephesians 5:33)  When conflict arises, the husband tends to react unlovingly towards her and the wife tends to react disrespectfully towards him.  Eggerichs calls this “The Crazy Cycle.” My husband and I have certainly been there!  In addition to the various regrettable consequences of hurt feelings, wasted time, and poor role modeling for our children, we came to realize we were rendered completely ineffective in our ministries when in the throes of this cycle.  I think that is what God is conveying in these words to Joshua:  You will not enjoy My Presence and blessing upon your endeavors so long as you are devoted to destruction.  For that is what we were doing to each other through harsh words, harsh tones, and lingering unforgiveness.  When we would succumb to The Crazy Cycle, God could no longer use us.

P~ Father, Thank You for where You have brought us in our marriage.  We pray we might learn more and grower even stronger as a couple as we go through this study, all the while still hearing from You directly through Your Word.

Listening and Looking | Luisa Penaherrera

S~  The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God’s help live in joy.  For the Lord hears the cries of his needy ones; he does not despise his people who are oppressed.  Psalms 69: 32,33 (NLT)

O & A~ Humility – the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank.

When I see myself as I really am (broken, in need of a savior, in need of help) and turn to you, you hear me, you will help me, and I will see you at work.

P~ Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, I need you today.  Help me stay listening and looking. Please keep me humble before you.

The journey | Nikki Metzger

S~ Joshua and the elders of Israel tore their clothing in dismay, threw dust on their heads, and bowed face down to the ground before the Ark of the Lord until evening. Joshua 7:6 (NLT)

O~ 3,000 Israelite soldiers just got beat by the town of Ai.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  God promised to go before the Israelites and to fight for them.

A~ God had just made Joshua the leader in the eyes of the Israelites, Jericho had just fallen and now the teeny town of Ai just whooped up on God’s people.  What?!

But no human knew what was going on and what God was doing.  (Um, hello!  This is my life and God is still having my story playing out.)  Before Joshua even speaks to God about this situation, he and the elders, bowed low, face down to the ground.

Before talking, humble submission.  Before God sharing His plan, a posture of ‘no matter what God, You are God, I am not’.

P~ God, right now I don’t understand what is happening in my family.  Confused, like Joshua and the elders back then.  I lay face down in the ground.  No matter what, You are God, I am not.

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