February 26 Numbers 19-20; Psalm 28; Mark 5

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Rebellion? Distrust? | Kim Chipman

S~ The time has come for Aaron to join his ancestors in death. He will not enter the land I am giving the people of Israel, because the two of you rebelled against my instructions concerning the water at Meribah. Numbers 20:24 (NLT)

O~ The Israelites are (still) in the wilderness, and the place where they set up camp has no water. Moses and Aaron went to the Tabernacle and appealed to the Lord. His instructions were to speak to the rock and it would pour out water. Noses struck the rock twice with his staff and water gushed out. The Lord said they didn’t trust Him enough – so neither Moses nor Aaron would enter the Promised Land.

A~ This passage breaks my heart every time I read it. Moses has endured SO MUCH on behalf of the Israelite people. It seems so small and insignificant to me that he struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it. Just for THAT he can’t enter the Promised Land!? He’s led these whiny, complaining, disobedient herd of people around for decades for You!

I get a little clue this time through, though. It wasn’t about speaking to or striking the rock – it was about their hearts. You said they didn’t trust You enough and they rebelled against Your instructions. Looking at the actions – no big deal. Looking at a heart of distrust and rebellion? Big deal. The thing is, we (I) walk around judging, criticizing and comparing outside actions all the time. Do I measure up? Doing enough? Doing everything WELL enough? And somehow it gets twisted into an identity…AM I enough? According to all the judging, criticizing and comparing people peering into my life?

You look at the heart. I have this plaque hanging in my bedroom…it says “The world sees what you do, God sees why you do it” If my heart is pure that is a freeing thought…if my heart is not pure then nice actions can’t fool You.

Something had to have happened in the hearts of Aaron and Moses. It wasn’t just a little minor ‘I forgot the instructions’ moment that got them banished from the Promised Land. Even as leaders – or perhaps especially because they were leaders – You wanted their whole heart. No distrust or rebellion. There must be a layer beneath the surface that I cannot see – and I’d bet that’s the case with people, too. I see the tip of the iceberg – actions, words – and usually just a slice. Few people intimately reveal their deepest feelings to everyone in the world, I sure don’t. I was just realizing how weird our feelings come out in our actions, too. Hurting people hurt people. Fear comes out as anger. Insecurity comes our as arrogance. Sadness comes out as frustration. The list goes on and on. The roots are sometimes very deep.

P~ You see our hearts. You see why we do what we do. Sometimes it’s rebellion or disobedience or distrust…and sometimes it’s fear or sadness or pain. Help me to live for You – my audience of One. You know my heart. Help me not to judge others but love well for Your glory. I love You.

The LORD is my Rock | Susan Aken

S~ To you, LORD, I call; you are my Rock…The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. Psalm 28:1a, 7 (NIV)

O~ David calls out to God as his Rock, strength and shield.

A/P~ LORD, I call out to you as my Rock. You are my strength and my shield. My heart trusts in you. Thank you that you always help me. My heart leaps with joy at knowing you. I will praise you with my song.

Trusting Him | Jill Terry

S~ The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped… Psalm 28:7( NAS)

O/A~ The imagery of this verse is just beautiful. The Lord is my shield. I envision a protective armor surrounding me or shielding me to protect me from evil. A protective bubble that will keep me safe as long as I continue to turn to God and away from sin. God is my strength. No matter how hard life gets, God is there to help me through the muck and provide me the strength to keep going, one step at a time if need be.

It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation or how how much something hurts, God is providing me the strength to keep going. I think everyone has heard the saying, “ God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” I don’t believe that at all for two reasons.

1. God doesn’t give us the problems. Pain and issues in our lives come from the sin in the world and not from a sinless God.
2. I believe God will never allow for the pain, suffering or sin in our lives to be more than HE can handle. God can handle everything and if I allow Him to be my strength and my shield, I am helped in indescribable ways.

P~ Thank you Lord for always being there for me and being my strength when I feel so weak and unable to go on. Thank you for my faith and Your Word to show me the beauty of Your love.

Hope Can Change Everything | Carrie Newell

S~ Then the frightened woman, trembling at the realization of what had happened to her, came and fell at his feet and told him what she had done.  And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well.  Go in peace.  You have been healed.”  Mark 5:33-34 (NLT)

O~ As Jesus is teaching and doing miracles, a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years saw Jesus.  It says she suffered a great deal from the doctors- and spent all her money to get well, but had only gotten worse.  When she sees Jesus, she nows that if she only touches him that she will be cured.  So she does!  When Jesus feels the power to heal her leave his body, he asks who did this, and this was her response.

A~ Oh she is singing my song.  Suffering, trying doctor after doctor.  Spending all her money to get well.  And with one touch, she is healed!  There was a time that I thought if I only read enough, researched enough, that I could find my ‘cure’.  I spent lots of money on doctors, medicines, and treatments, and yet, nothing worked.   I found myself at an impasse.  I found myself resolving that this was just how it was going to be.    But then something changed.  I reached out to Jesus in a new way— and found HOPE and healing for my spirit.  I still have chronic pain.  I still have fibromyalgia.

So what changed?  Instead of focusing on my illness or what I couldn’t do, I started focusing on Jesus and what He can do through me (yep—broken little me). My whole attitude changed.  I no longer felt defeated, I felt empowered and hopeful.  And HOPE can change everything.

Do I think I’m going to wake up tomorrow with no trace of fibromyalgia?  Probably not, even though I know God could do that!  But the trust, faith, and HOPE that I have because of Jesus, is what pushes me to ‘keep on’ every day— to do hard things and find strength (even when I am tired and weak). To Find my Fight (over and over again), to not give up, and to encourage others to do the same.  I truly believe my faith is making me well!

P~ Father, you are so good!  Thank you for the gift of HOPE.  Thank you for showing me that my whole body doesn’t have to be perfect in order to feel your healing.  Thank you for your strength in my weakness.  Help me to focus on you especially on those hard days!  Help me to continue to fall at your feet, and reach for You, for you are the ultimate healer!  Amen.

Faith will make you well | Nikki Metzger

S~ Daughter, your faith has made you well.  Go in peace.  Your suffering is over.  Jesus in Mark 5:34 (NLT)

O~ Lonely, desperate, broken….the bleeding woman reached out and was made well.

A~ We are all broken.  Our childhood brings scars and shapes our adulthood whether we believe it or not.  Our choices bring shame.  Our thoughts (mine anyway) run rampant with guilt, hate, disgust of self, and striving for something else.  We struggle, oh, how we struggle.  Well, I struggle.  Most of the time, my struggle is on the inside, you would never see it if we met at the grocery store or chatted at our son’s baseball game.

I see in myself and others; the struggle can come when someone else wounded us – what do we do with that?  Those deep wounds/words/actions done by another….and all that’s left is us in pain.  How do we ever heal?  How do we ever, EVER overcome what others have done to us?  How do we ever overcome what we’ve done to ourselves?

Jesus, simply Jesus.

He is my Healer.  He is my Redeemer.  He is the One who changes us from the inside out….my faith in Him has made me well.  Faith in Christ makes us well!

P~ Father, I love You!

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  1. kim, thanksk so much for your insight today. I remember journaling about that passage last year and coming up with, “I don’t understand this”. It didn’t seem fair. Yet, you seem to have discovered the deeper issue, the heart issue. I was focusing on their actions, God knew their heart.

    Another thought I had, maybe their hearts were changed by years of being surrounded by negativity and tough circumstances. Perhaps the lesson is also to guard our hearts when we too are put into tough life circumstances, when we are around negative people. We can become a “slow fade”. I think Casting Crowns had a song called “slow fade” that talks sbout how we slowly can move from commitment to sin.

    Great insight from everyone today. Jill, you are a great writer!!

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