February 14 Leviticus 23, 24; Psalm 24; Acts 21

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It’s Party Time! | Joni Tyner

S~ In addition to the Sabbath,  these are the Lord’s appointed festivals, the official day for holy assembly that are to be celebrated at their proper times each year. Leviticus 23:4 (NLT)

O~ Moses wrote Leviticus to instruct the Israelites on how to be more holy. There is LOTS of detailed information about sacrifices and what to do and NOT do.  This verse is instructing the people to celebrate, to have fun, to take a break from the everyday hum-drum life in the wilderness.

A~ Today is Valentine’s Day and I like to jazz up my blaa-blaa February with a little sparkle, a bit of fun. I have decorated my front door with a heart shaped floral arrangement, (shout out to Hobby Lobby!) and I have bought cutsie cards for my hubby and kiddos.  Although we will be out of town this year, I usually make a special dinner for my family and we eat in the dining room and act like Valentine’s Day is a big deal.  I know some readers are probably rolling their eyes and wondering why I do this “extra” work?

I simply enjoy celebrating little things in life.

I like pretty dishes that make my table look special. I like wrapping my Christmas presents with extra-nice bows on top. I like decorating my front door.  I just do. It makes me happy.  So, what does my obsession with seasonal door decorations have to do with this Leviticus reading?  Well… I think God enjoys us being happy. I think maybe He likes celebrations too.  I think maybe it’s good to find joy in little things instead of being a person prone to grumpiness and being discontent with life’s simple pleasures.  It’s not a super spiritual topic, but I like finding joy in everyday stuff.

Here’s a link to a book I recently read. It’s called “Everyday Confetti” by Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer.  They cover a gazillion ways a of how to celebrate this beautiful life we have.  It is such fun read, I would highly encourage this book for anyone who wants a bit more joy in your home. Their ideas are easy, (like tons of recipes) and fun and will make you smile.

Did I say this book is fun and will make you smile and make your family smile?  …And who doesn’t need more of that,  just say’n!!!

P~ Dear Lord,  You have given all us “permission” to celebrate life.  Thank you for my family and all of the memories we have.  Please keep me inspired and excited to continue to joyfully celebrate these blessings.  Bring on the party!!

I Belong To You | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.  The world and all its people belong to him.  Psalm 24:1  (NLT)

O~ The world, me and others, all belong to God.  From reading the Scriptures I have learned that God is intimately involved in the care of things that belong to him.  I think back to when He brought the Israelites out of Egypt and cared for them; provided food, water, protection, and much more for them.  Then to the time he sent Jesus, because we needed a savior, we needed to be redeemed, to be made new, to be set free, to be in right relationship with our God, who is the lover of our souls.

A~  I can trust that you are there.  You see me and care about me and will take care of me because I belong to you.

P~ Thank you Father, for your love for me.  I will turn to you and trust you.  I love you.

Dangerous Assumptions | Susan Aken

S~ (They had previously seen Trophimus the Ephesian in the city with Paul and assumed that Paul had brought him into the temple.)…they were trying to kill him… Acts 21:29,31a (NIV)

O~ Paul went to Jerusalem knowing that trouble was waiting for him there. He was compelled by the Spirit to go. Rumors were circulating that in his ministry to the Gentiles, he was teaching them to turn from Moses and not to circumcise their children. He was taking action to show people that he was not working against Jewish belief when some Jews saw him in the temple and started turning people against him based on ASSUMPTIONS. There was a riot as the crowd tried to kill Paul because they made an assumption about him. As a result, he was arrested.

A~ This verse struck me today because of the word, “assumed”. How many times have I “assumed” something about someone just by looking at appearances? I am so quick to think I know what is happening based on what I see or what I think happened. Everything the crowd was assuming about Paul was a lie. The people did not stop to investigate and see if it was true, they just reacted in anger. I have done that also, I hear something about someone and am so quick to believe it without even waiting for proof! In this situation, God used it to bring Paul where He wanted him to go but there is a lesson here about making assumptions. I need to learn to give people the benefit of the doubt unless the truth is known.

P~ Father, help me not to listen to rumors about others and not to make assumptions about what others are doing. Help me not to jump to conclusions about why others do what they do. I don’t know what is in another person’s heart. Only you know that Lord. Please help me to believe the best of others and not to assume the worst.

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