January 5 Genesis 12,13,14; Luke 5

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Half-Truths | Joni Tyner

S~ So please, tell them you are my sister. Then they will spare my life and treat me well because of their interest in you.”  Genesis 12:13 (NLT)

O~ Abram is about to go into Egypt with his wife, Sarai. She is very beautiful and Abram instructs Sarai to tell a half-truth and intentional deceive the Pharaoh so that he will be treated well and receive gifts.  He also is intervening to keep himself safe as he fears the Egyptians will kill him  to get the opportunity to marry Sarai.

A~ I’ve heard this story before but this morning it really stuck out to me how fast Abram fell from trusting God.  I was reading earlier in chapter 12 about Abram being blessed by God and how close Abram was in communing with God and worshipping him.  They are looking like really tight travel partners.  Then, in a seemingly 360 change of attitude, Abram decides to make up a quick story about his wife to “solve” the problem of perceived danger in Egypt.   It is true that Sarai is his half-sister, but he completely leaves out the part about her being his wife.  I was so struck by how quickly he forgot about God’s provision and faithfulness.  I was struck that he was stopping in the middle of his travels to build alters to worship God and then boom, he impulsively takes matters into his own hands and lies to make his life “easier”.

Maybe I read and stopped on this scripture this morning to remind myself to stay humble. To stay near to God. It reminds me that we can be doing the right spiritual things, (worshipping God, prayer, spending time in the Word) and then, boom!!!…impulsively get caught up in sin.  I can see myself in the “half-truth” scenario.  I might intentionally leave out a few key details of something that  might make me look bad.  I don’t exactly lie, I just omit details that I am trying to hide.  I think this is a slippery slope of deception.

P~ Lord, I want to be known as a person of upmost integrity.  Please instill in me values of complete honesty. I don’t want to be known as a person who exaggerates details, as a person who talks about things and then never follows through. I need to stay close to You. Thank you for this reminder that even though we may be close to You and have knowledge and faith, we are STILL susceptible to sin ALL THE TIME… AND AT ANY MOMENT.  Please help me stay focused on You!!

I Give Up | Kim Chipman

S~ “Master,” Simon replied, “we worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing. But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.” Luke 5:5 (NLT)

O~ Jesus had been teaching and so many people pressed in on Him that He went out in Simon’s boat and taught from there. Then He instructed Simon to “go out where it is deeper and let down your nets to catch some fish.”

A~ Simon’s response is so inspiring to me! He had been working hard at catching fish all night – without results. How often in my life do I (without You) work and work and see no results? Then I personally declare the situation hopeless (because clearly I know how long it should take to see results!) and even when You ask me to keep trying with your help and power and guidance…I don’t have Simon’s response. I’ve given up. Simon’s heart trusted You. “But if you say so…” Why is it I feel like I know better than You do? Often when dealing with difficult people or circumstances I give up and miss seeing Your power at work.

P~ Lord help my unbelief! I know Your voice. Help me to trust where You are leading me even when I don’t get it, I’m tired of trying (it’s really just not fair sometimes, ok?), or I simply don’t want to. Sometimes I’m such a toddler, and I’m sorry. Help me to remember who You are and who I am. I love You.

Because You Said So | Kimi Miller

S~ Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything.  But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” Luke 5:5 (NIV)

O~ The fishermen were tired, defeated and empty-handed. They were done for the night.  Then Jesus tells them to go back out into the deep water and let down the nets for a catch.  Mind you, these are the same nets they had just cleaned (v.2).

The fishermen were done.  They had washed up and packed up, and were calling it quits.  But Jesus tells them to let down their nets and Simon (Peter) responds, “…but because you say so, I will let down the nets.”

A~ When I am feeling “done” I’m “done.”  But when Jesus tells me to do something, regardless of how I’m feeling, I need to do it.  Even when the only reason is because “He said so.”  God is looking for those who will trust and obey.  As I remember my word (BELIEVE) for this year, I want to be sure that I see every opportunity to experience Him in every way possible.  The first step in that is to believe, then respond.

P~ Dear God, Thank You for Peter.  Man, can I relate to that dude (but more like the times where he reacts before asking you first – I’m pretty experienced in that department). Yet, Your love surpasses all of that.  Just as you loved Peter, so you love me and everyone else in this world.  Thank You.  May Your love and light shine through me to reach the lost.  I love You. Amen.

The Priority of Prayer | Susan Aken

S~ But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16 (NIV)

O~ Jesus was swamped with people coming to Him for healing and help and to listen to His teaching. He could have spent every waking hour helping people. But the Word teaches us that He OFTEN went by Himself to pray. He was the Son of God. He was perfect. But He needed to spend time in prayer with His Father. In order to do that, He withdrew from the crowds.

A~ Jesus is our example in everything. If He needed prayer that often, how much more do we need it! I get excited if I get up early enough to pray in the morning. But I need to be looking for every opportunity to pray. Prayer is so vital. It is easy to tell myself what I am “doing” is more important but my relationship with the Father is the most important of all.

P~ Father, thank you that you want me to spend time with you. Thank you for the gift of prayer. Thank you that you always hear my prayers and answer. Help me to be more like Jesus and to often go by myself to pray. I need you Lord.

The Pharisee In Me | Michelle Myers

S~ Jesus answered them, ‘It is not the healthy people who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to invite good people but sinners to change their hearts and lives.’ Luke 5:31-32 (NCV)

O~ The Pharisees and their groupies, began to question why Jesus breaks the law by eating and drinking with tax collectors and sinners.

A~ Jesus came for me.  I am a sinner.  There is nothing good in me alone.  I know, because I lived many years, without Him.  I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually a mess.  It took me along time to realize that I was sick, and that I even needed a “doctor”.  What I find very amusing about all of the conversations that Jesus has with the Pharisees,….. who are so intent on judging, criticizing, and condemning everyone else,…….. is that He is telling them, …….either bluntly or not so bluntly,…….. that they are in more need of Him and more messed up than anyone they are pointing their self-righteous fingers at……. and either the light bulb never turns on and they don’t get it or they get it, and are offended.

I once had a Pharisee mentality.  I never got better while I was in that state.  I didn’t bring joy to myself or others while I was in that state.  I wasted a lot of years, not producing good fruit, because I couldn’t accept or see my Pharisee ways.

P~ Thank you God for showing me, healing me, and delivering me from the Pharisee that once lived inside of me.  Oh, as you know, I am by no means perfect or where I need to be, but I am humbled, eager, and willing to produce good fruit.  I want to bring glory to YOU,  as well as, watch YOU heal others who are fooled, and have their own physical, emotional, and spiritual messes.

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