January 1 Genesis 1,2; Luke 1

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The Spirit That Lives in Me | Joni Tyner

S~ And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.  Genesis 1:2  (NLT)

O~ We are starting a new year– 2015. For many people, it’s an opportunity to begin a new habit, a fresh start, to become something we’ve always wanted to be!  If you are new to our reading plan, Welcome!!!!! You are among friends. We are a group of believers who are reading the Bible together and sharing our thoughts.  We don’t have Bible degrees, we just read, observe, and then think about how a specific scripture has application in our lives.  Finally, we offer up a prayer, often it is one of thanksgiving, to God for His love and faithfulness.  So… right in the beginning of the reading, this scripture spoke to me.

The Spirit of God was involved in the creation of the world. This same Spirit, which observed every animal created, every rock, every tree, plant, insect lives in me. I have known for a while that the Trinity was at the beginning of creation, but for some reason, I never put that together that the same Spirit that was in the beginning is the same one that is helping me, guiding me, nudging me in 2015.  I have a Counselor that knows everything, has been through everything, and is also in intimate communion with the Father.  WOW.  I am so blessed!! I have the opportunity and potential to be so wise–if I listen to His voice.

If you are a believer in Christ, you too, have this same Counselor living in you!! Do you consult Him?  Do you hear His voice?  Do you tap into His wisdom that has seen the dawn of time?

A~  I plan to “tune up” my hearing as 2015 begins and listen to this wise One.  I have such amazing wisdom available, why would I not tap into this?

P~ Dear Lord, thank you for creating such a beautiful world that I live in. I’m in awe of Your detail! I enjoyed thinking about the fun You must have had as you made all the creatures of the earth.  Thank you for the gift of Your Spirit, i know it is deposited into me, help me to utilize His power in all of my life’s decisions.  I love You!!!

I Am a Helper | Susan Aken

S~ Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.’ Genesis 2:18(NASB)

O~ When God created the world and everything in it, He saw that everything was good except for one thing, it was not good for man to be alone. He created woman to be a “helper” suitable for the man. God ‘s perfect plan for a man and woman (husband and wife) is for us as a team to do the work given by God for us to do. The wife ideally helps the man to fulfill God’s purpose. Of course, sin corrupted God’s perfect plan and none of us ever fulfill it perfectly but God’s intention was that the husband and wife would be a team working together.

A~ A study I did once pointed out that the only other time in Scripture that someone is called a “helper” is in reference to the Holy Spirit. That is a high calling! Too often these verses have been interpreted in a way that makes the woman’s role seem subservient but that is not what is intended. God has given the man a job but sees that it is not good for him to do it alone. He gives him the beautiful gift of a wife to help him and work with him. I just came back from being gone a week and my husband has made it so clear how happy he is to have me back. He does not like to be alone. He wants me with him. My calling as a wife is to be his “helper”. To help him fulfill his calling. God wants us to be a team working together.  The enemy wants to pull us apart.

P~ Father, help me to fulfill my role the way you want me to. Help me to be a willing and eager helper for my husband. Help us to be a team working together to do the job you have given us to do in this world. Help us to guard our marriage and keep you first. Thank you for the gift he is.

God, Not Me! | Michelle Myers

S~ God can do anything! Luke 1:37 (NCV)

O/A~ As we enter into a new year, I need to remind myself of this.  It is God, not I, Michelle, that can do anything.  As I struggle with disappoints from the past and hope in the future, I need to remind myself that God has repeatedly done in my life, what I could not do.

P~ I am just so thankful for you God.  I pray that you give me YOUR wisdom and the strength to do what YOU have called me to do this year.  And as a planner, I want to have things figured out.  Remind me that YOUR grace is sufficient and I am just to take it moment by moment, day by day.

Nothing is impossible with God!! | Nikki Metzger

S~ For nothing is impossible with God.  Luke 1:37 (NLT)

O~ God’s angel Gabriel, one who stands in the presence of God, said this.  Gabriel was speaking about an older, barren (can’t have babies), woman getting pregnant.  Gabriel knew that NOTHING is impossible WITH God.

A~ God, NOTHING is impossible to You!  What an awesome way to start 2015!  What does 2015 hold for you?  for me?  God has spoken to my heart about this coming year and it’s not going to be roses, rainbows, and sunshine.  It’s going to be one of those years where I just have to hold on to Jesus.

One of those years, where God deconstructs those things in me that I think are impossible.   Where, everyday I whisper that nothing is impossible with God, and maybe, slowly I start to believe this about myself……..

P~ Lord, help me to lie in that truth that NOTHING is impossible to You!  I love You and that’s all I have!

You Believed | Kim Chipman

S~ You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said. Luke 1:45 (NLT)

O~ The angel had appeared to Mary announcing she was expecting Jesus. Mary went to visit Elizabeth, who must have known because she called Mary “the mother of my Lord”. She didn’t call her blessed because she was pregnant with Jesus, the Savior of the world, but because SHE BELIEVED that the Lord would do what He said.

A~ Am I living my life believing that You will do what You say? I believe You in my head, but do I genuinely believe all the way in my gut – in my thoughts – in my choices – in how I see myself and others? I’m not that different than Mary. I have the choice. I will be blessed if I believe that You will do what You said. Show me areas that I am not living in belief. Help me see it.

P~ Lord, I believe but help my unbelief! Help me to grow in this area, so I live in freedom, fully believing Your truth. I love You!

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