December 16 1 Peter 1,2,3,4,5

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Spiritual Milk | Joni Tyner

S~ Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment.  1 Peter 2:2 (NLT)

O~ It is a natural instinct for a baby to crave milk. They want it, it is required for their survival.  Babies who are hungry WANT THEIR MILK!! They will not be distracted by other substitutes.   Peter is comparing Christians to how a baby craves milk. We should crave spiritual nourishment.  It makes us grow.

A~ I want to be like a newborn baby, undistracted by substitutes that are offered. Have you ever given a hungry baby a pacifier?  It does not work ,at all!!  Neither does walking around looking at stuff or talking to them in that crazy baby talk. They know they are being given substitutes and they will let you know.  I work at a hospital and the babies need to be NPO (nothing per oral) after midnight, trust me, we hear them letting us know their tummies are hungry and they are missing their morning bottle. (or for some, a middle of the night bottle and a morning bottle!) 1 Peter 2:2 is instructing us to crave God’s Word with that type of intensity.  To not be distracted by substitutes.

P~ Dear Lord,  I need to keep going back to Your Word. Please fill me with the intensity of a newborn craving her milk, I want to hunger for You that way.  I don’t want to be a malnourished spiritual infant, I want to experience all that you have planned for me.

Reality Check | Michelle Myers

S~ It is better to suffer for doing good than for doing wrong if that is what God wants.  1 Peter 3:17 (NCV)

O~ Maybe it is the world as a whole, that gave me a false impression.   Maybe it was the way that I was brought up.  For many years, I had this belief  that if I did what society, my mom, financial advisers, etc. said was good, I wouldn’t suffer.  At the very least, my suffering would be a lot less than other people’s.  However, God knows that suffering is going to happen, regardless.  And, after really thinking about this “gum drops and lollipops” view I have had of the world, I feel a little foolish.  I mean, really!  Jesus was way more GOOD than I will ever be, and He suffered way more than I could ever imagine.  He didn’t get a “worldly right result” for His good.  Why I ever thought I would be so deserving, is beyond me.

A~ Over the past 5 or so years, I have really had a “reality check” in regards to this notion, that bad things REALLY do happen to good people.  I can try and play it safe, control everything, plan everything, etc.; but that is not going to prevent people from being people, natural disasters from occurring, or obstacles from popping up.

As I can easily get confused and frustrated when good thoughts, intentions, and actions don’t always produce good, worldly results, I have to take a step back and examine a few things.  First, I need to look at my perspective.  My “suffering” is still like a day at Disney World compared to countless others in this world.  So, I need to focus on the blessings, that I so do not deserve, and thank God for them.  Second, I need to get out of my “worldly mind” and ask God to show me, how he wants this “suffering”, to help me in my spiritual growth.  I need to stop focusing on the “good deed”, that didn’t present a “good result”, in a world that is plagued by so much wrong.   My focus needs to be on what I learned about myself, my heart, and my God.  Third, I need to be persistent in doing good, with a good attitude, regardless of the outwardly outcome.  Determination to get back up and do what I think God is telling me to do, because it is the right thing to do, no matter how many times people, life, etc. knock me on my booty, is really important.  God gave me the Holy Spirit to guide me, and when I look outward for confirmation and affirmation, I usually end up confused and frustrated.  The internal peace that God gives me, when I do right, regardless of the result, is the only confirmation and affirmation that I need or that truly matters.

P~ Thank you God for your blessings, especially the blessing of discernment.  I am not sure why I ever thought that we could have heaven here on earth, but I did.  And, I was also deceived in thinking that I could find “heaven” in worldly things, with people, etc.  I can’t.  So, please continue to show me, and give me the strength to do the “good” that you want me to do, in a world, that I struggle to understand and where “wrong” seems to sometimes prevail way more than good.

Suffering | Nikki Metzger

S~ So if you are suffering in a manner that pleases God, keep on doing what is right, and trust your lives to the God who created you, for He will never fail you. 1 Peter 4:19 (NLT)

O~ Can any saying get more opposite of what the world says?  Suffering can please God when we are doing what is right?

A~ I think this is a moment to process before suffering comes.  And it will come.  Maybe my question during the midst of my suffering shouldn’t be: why God?  Maybe my question during the suffering should look more like: God am I doing right by You in the midst of this suffering?

What a promise in the midst of suffering……HE WILL NEVER FAIL ME!!

P~ Father, help me to keep on doing right, and trusting You!  I love You!

Anxious Thoughts | Kelley DeAses

S~  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

O~  Peter offers so many gems of wisdom, truth, and encouragement that I have underlined or highlighted nearly half of this book over the course of the two decades I have carried this old Bible around.  But today I chose this simple verse, just a few words long, as it addresses a real issue I struggle with on an ongoing basis, but which is particularly pronounced during the holiday season.

A~  I was on the phone with my mom the other day going over Christmas wish lists, travel itineraries of our out-of-town family members, and the schedule for church services and meals and presents.  My mom literally let out a squeal of delight at the very thought that Christmas is just around the corner.  I think she said something like, “Oh boy!  It’s almost here!”  In that moment, I realized I had been thinking the exact opposite, “Oh, no! It’s almost here!”  I had not been anticipating the fun to be had or the memories to be made with our gathered family and friends.  Instead, I was experiencing a rising anxiety over all the things I have yet to do to prepare, not to mention the money I would be spending to do it. (Do I channel Ebeneezer Scrooge or what?!)  I was attempting to be lighthearted in making a comment to my friend the other day when I confessed that this “worry gene” I inherited from my father’s side of the family “prevents me from enjoying my life.”  But there is a small, sad grain of truth in my joking, as my anxious thoughts often disturb my sleep at night and steal my joy during the day — even (no, especially) at Christmastime!

P~  Father, this is a verse I need to commit to memory.  I need to remind myself over and over You will take all those worries from me because You love me and want me to take joy in my many blessings.  If only I would release my grip on those worrisome thoughts and replace them with thoughts of the love and peace You freely offer me.

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  1. Michelle, Your notes for today really matches up with the sermon from last week at Calvary. You should watch it!

  2. Thank you for all the wisdom shared today!

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