November 10 Job 35,36; 1 Corinthians 7,8

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I Love My Life! | Kelley DeAses

S~ If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.  Job 36:11 (NIV)

O~  Elihu, along with Job’s other friends, contend for a very simplistic view of life in which God grants peace and prosperity to the righteous and gives hardship and pain to the wicked.  While this may have a grain of truth if we consider God’s ultimate justice at His throne of grace, this theology is rarely borne out in this world, where evil people often get ahead and the innocent often suffer.

A~ So my husband said the craziest thing last night.  He stood on the stairs overlooking our living room, where I was picking up the clutter of the day, and said how completely and totally happy he is with his life — with our life as a family.  This is after working a 16-hour shift because our bank balance is depleted, after dealing with a misunderstanding with a guy who failed to come out to our house for a job at the time he said he would come, driving out to the airport in the dark and the rain and on no sleep to pick up some neighbors after their vacation.  But after enjoying a nice meal and shooting Nerf darts with his boy, he just had to gush about his wonderful life.

God gave me this life partner for a reason.  With me, it seems, there’s always something keeping me from my happy.  If only we had a little more money so we didn’t feel strapped; if only the car and the house did not need repairs done; if only I would lose 15 pounds; if only my kid had not thrown a tantrum yesterday….THEN I’d be happy.  Ridiculous, really.  I have truly been blessed beyond measure and, like my husband, my attitude should reflect that.  I dishonor My God and Savior when I fail to recognize His good gifts to me.

P~ Father, In the end, it is not righteousness that brings contentment, as Elihu tried to assert to Job, but a grateful heart.  It is in knowing God gives, takes away, but is Sovereign over all.

You Do It | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ For the Christian wife brings holiness to her marriage, and the Christian husband brings holiness to his marriage.  Otherwise, your children would not have a godly influence, but now they are set apart for him.  1 Corinthians 7:14 (NLT)

O~  Because of my relationship with Christ, I bring holiness to my marriage.

A~ I’m a perfectionist, ok, a recovering perfectionist.  When I became a Christian I felt it my duty to make my husband a Christian. I just did not know you very well, Lord.  You were and are working in my marriage and can do so much when my heart trusts you and I turn to you.

P~  Thank you, Heavenly Father for your love for us.  For bringing me to you. For bringing my husband’s heart to you.  Please bring my children’s hearts home to you. I love you.

Living Detached | Susan Aken

S~ But this I say, brethren, the time has been shortened, so that from now on those who have wives should be as though they had none; and those who weep, as though they did not weep; and those who rejoice, as though they did not rejoice; and those who buy, as though they did not possess; and those who use the world, as though they did not make full use of it; for the form of this world is passing away. 1 Corinthians 7:29-31 (NASB)

O~ Paul has been speaking to whether or not people should seek marriage, get a divorce or change circumstances after becoming a disciple of Christ. Then he makes the point that anything we do in this world should be done knowing it is temporary, knowing that we are all in the process of dying physically, knowing that this world is passing away.

A~ In my understanding, Paul is saying that we should to a certain extent remain detached from this world. Our attachment is to Christ once we know Him. Just today I read that ISIS is taking the children who refuse to denounce Christ and beheading them. These families know the truth of these verses. They know in experience that their attachment is not to this world. How do we rejoice or weep yet not as though we were rejoicing or weeping? This is a hard teaching I think. But I think it starts with where my true attachment is, where my source of joy is. The last part says, “Use the world, as though they did not make full use of it.” Thayer’s Greek Lexicon teaches this means to use all the world offers as something on loan, as something borrowed so we do not use it up or consume it fully. I hear what Paul is teaching here but I am not there yet perhaps because I have not suffered as some have or been tested the way our brothers and sisters around the world are being tested. As Paul said, I do believe the time is shortened. These verses are talking about facing reality. Our home is in heaven, we are just strangers here.

P~ Father, I know I am too attached to this world, to what I can see, hear, touch and taste. Please help me focus on what is eternal. Help me live in the world yet not as one who is attached to all it offers. I can only do this through the power of your Holy Spirit. Help me to live in truth and take advantage of the opportunities you give.

Love | Nikki Metzger

S~ But while knowledge makes us feel important, it is love that strengthens the church.  1 Corinthians 8:1b (NLT)

O~ Ain’t that the truth!

A~ Same applies to my marriage.  I can go to seminars, read books and gain a lot of knowledge about marriage.  But love is what makes it strong!

P~ Lord, thank You for marriage!  Please strengthen mine through love and give me an outpouring of love for my husband!  In Jesus’ Name!  Amen!

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  1. Susan,
    I loved your post on Living Detached. I read that passage in the Bible this morning and I have to admit, I thought it was too difficult to dig into. Your explanation of living in this world as if it is temporary and being attached to Christ makes a lot of sense. My daily worries and cares would go way down if I truly realized the insignificance of some of the things I let weigh me down. If I could have a truly Heavenly and Christ like perspective … I could have much more peace. What is being done to those kids by the ISIS group is horrible! But imagine Heaven as these little ones arrive and are greeted by Jesus Himself! Imagine the peace that fills their whole being when they enter the place with “no more tears”. Jesus truly has the victory in this situation!! May He completely fill the parents with strength, comfort and peace!

    Thank you Jesus!

    • Thanks for your comments Stacey. It certainly is not easy to do but I hope I am growing in being more attached to Christ than to the world. If we could get a glimpse into heaven, I am sure it would change our perspective.

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